On April 16, ETSU’s Concert Band and Wind Ensemble will perform “Heroes” at 7:30 p.m. in the Science Hill High School Auditorium. Conducted by Christian Zembower and Joe Moore, “Heroes” will focus on the heroes of our society.

“The theme ‘Heroes’ actually comes from one of the pieces we will be performing on the concert,” said Conductor Christian Zembower. “This piece has the title ‘Symphony No. 1’ (‘Heroes’), and the ETSU Bands program bought into a consortium for the writing of this new work.  This will be the world premiere of this work here with the Wind Ensemble.  What ‘Heroes’ means to this performance is not only related to the men and women of the armed forces but for anyone and everyone who does heroic work in their daily lives here on Earth.”

This concert aims to show gratitude and appreciation for all the people who have risked, are risking and will risk their lives in the line of duty.

“My paternal grandfather fought in the South Pacific of World War II in the Navy, and my father served as a radarman with the Air Force for four years during peacetime in the late-1950s,” said Zembower. “Although I did not serve in the service, this is my way of one, supporting what both of them did to defend this nation, and two, to show the proper respect and support that anyone who has been a member of the service, is currently serving or will/wants to be through the power of music.”

As Zembower noted, music is a great avenue for those being protected to thank and relate to our heroes.

“Music has always been said to be angels singing, who are looking over us. Music is a universal voice,” said Zembower. “Music has a very special way of connecting the members of the armed forces to the citizens the armed forces are protecting.”

For this concert, all retired or current service men and women are encouraged to attend.  

“This would be really, really great to have [members of the armed forces] in the audience to enjoy all that is about, who they are and have been,” said Zembower.