Local and national sponsors have picked up ETSU’s intramural sports this fall.
Intramural sports, which are available to all sudents, hold meets, competitions and tournaments. A non-refundable $20 forfeit fee is required for all major intramurals in order to pay the officials who are hired to work at the games.
The intramurals available this semester are football, softball and volleyball.
The National Army Reserve, Uncle Ben’s and Target are a few of the sponsors promoting this years intramurals. The Army Reserve is a large sponsor with football intramurals.
The players wear “Go Army Reserve” banners around their waist. This requirement allows the sponsors to be recognized.
Demond Thomas, intramural coordinator and manager of campus recreation, organized the use of the sponsors this fall through Campus Concepts. Campus Concepts is an organization that goes through intramurals from around the nation to cater to 18-24-year-old students, Thomas said.
The advantage of being a part of a Campus Concept college is that through the program, the college receives equipment, T-shirts, water coolers and even a digital camera. The digital camera, which they get to keep, is used to get at least six pictures to show a proof of the intramural and their progress.
Along with the sponsors giving equipment, ETSU receives a $2,000 grant at the end of intramural events.
The intramurals are enjoyed by the students and according to a freshman involved in the football intramural, it gives students something to do after classes.
Thomas had brought together intramurals and sponsors this fall. He takes responsibility for where and when the intramurals take place, the captain’s meetings, making rules and regulations and working with corporate sponsors.
“I cover them all,” Thomas said.
By shortening the dome football games from 120 feet by 50 feet to 100 feet by 40 feet and restricting softball pitchers to three pitches instead of the regular seven, Thomas has tried to improve the performance and playing time of intramurals.