The world is full of strife and suffering and people deal with it in a variety of ways. Some people drink, some people do drugs and some people choose to tune the world out and go to that special place were nothing could bother them.
To many people sports are just games but they are so much more than that. Sports can provide a safe avenue for many Americans to shut out the distractions, worries and struggles of everyday life.
Sports are the epitomy of the American culture. Don’t believe me? Just ask any college student who the last three vice presidents were and watch as their eyes glaze over. But asked them who the last three winners of the Heisman Trophy were and you might be surprised.
Like it or not, sports help define our society as they provide the role models for future generations to aspire to be. Kids nowadays don’t want to grow up to be the next president of the United States. They want to be the next third baseman for the Yankees or the next Peyton Manning. The social dynamics of our country has shifted and sports have played a pivotal role.
Sports are also more than just a social barometer. Sports have helped the American public find some semblance of peace and normalcy in some of the darkest moments our nation has ever seen. Look at Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina, these two events brought the entire country to its knees. Images of pain and suffering bombarded the news leaving us with a feeling of helplessness and fear.
Yet, when the first sporting events were played after these tragedies, America got to take a much-needed deep breath. Even if it was just for two hours or two minutes sports allowed us all to get away.
This principle works on an individual level as well. At the worst moments in my life sports allowed me the crucial moments of reflection to keep me from going completely bonkers.
During my parents’ divorce the basketball court was like a sanctuary to me. The moment I stepped between the lines I left all the confusion, blame and regret behind.
As an unruly teenager sports was the bridge that brought my father and me together to share some of the best moments I can remember.
Sports even brought me the most beautiful woman that I have and will ever meet in my entire life and most importantly sports will allow me to keep her.
So the next time someone gives you a hard time for watching so many sports just say ‘What the @$#!.’