A lot of people seemed to have lost their mind. People everywhere are simply going crazy about Tim Tebow. Listening to experts on ESPN and even friends around me say “Tim Tebow is a winner” just makes me shake my head.

Tebow has won games this year. His presence has given the Broncos an edge in winning close games with the most recent being against the Minnesota Vikings. Despite being a critic of him when he came out of Florida, even I have to admit that he has proven me wrong this year.

Notice the words “this year” in the last sentence. Tebow has found incredible ways to win this year. Then again, so did Vince Young and look where he is now.

Broncos coach John Fox decided a change at quarterback was necessary, going from Kyle Orton to Tebow. Sometimes changes are needed to jumpstart a team. It creates a new vibe, a new energy surrounding the team.

Switching an offensive scheme in the middle of the season is a completely different story. Especially when the change is for a quarterback whose style does not fit a pro-style offense. When Fox announced that the Broncos would switch to an option-style offense, my jaw nearly dropped. What was Fox doing?

He obviously knew something that I did not as the Broncos have been on a winning streak since Tebow took over the starting job. The option offense has proved to be fruitful this year.

There are those two dreadful words again: this year. Why do they keep coming back? Let me turn the clock back to 2008.

A year removed from the University of Florida beating the University of Arkansas in the SEC Championship, the Miami Dolphins found themselves in an unexpected situation.

They picked up an offensive formation from the 2007 Arkansas Razorback team: the wildcat formation. With it, they took down the New England Patriots in a game where the Patriots were heavily favored.

Miami continued running the wildcat formation and found a great deal of success. People all over were crazed about this new formation. Some even thought that it could counter the 3-4’s recent dominance.

Wildcat formations are still being run today, but not as frequently as they were only three seasons ago. It is not as effective as it once was.

Any of you see where I’m going with this yet? How long will it take before NFL defenses stop an option offense? Will it be in 2012? Will it be in 2013? It’s really a guess at this point.

Once this offense gets shut down and defenses force Tebow to prove that he can overcome his weaknesses, we will see the downfall of this one-year-wonder offense.

To the experts and the friends, this offense will not last long. And once Tebow will be forced to play in a normal pro-style offense, we will see him living on borrowed time.