The controversy over immigration reform and what it should really be seems to be a very passionate and emotionally charged debate.
It seems to be touchy because of the fact that there seems to be very different opinions in contrast, as many seem to have totally different perspectives.
Many believe in America being a beacon of freedom as well as hope. They also believe this should be accessible for people around the world.
They do not believe in militarized borders and they oppose systematic racism in legislation, like what we have seen from Arizona’s approach to immigration.
Encouraging positive immigration reform and encouraging new citizens (consumers, workers, producers, students, etc.) should be a part of the true American “attitude” and spirit. But there are many who believe that America is now exclusive and must single out Hispanics, particularly illegal immigrants from Mexico.
To them, these immigrants are killers of the economy and job thieves.
Well, they are stealing jobs, but that’s only if one could consider the typical immigrant’s life of employment dignified and fair.
These always seem to be jobs that many Americans are unwilling to do, which is due to the minimum dignity that is endured by many immigrants.
This is not only because of the hard day-to-day aches of certain labor, but because they are being exploited (by citizens) and being paid less than a living wage.
They struggle to support destitute families who are often ill, become ill without having care, or are simply malnourished and deprived in general.
There is also an underlying racist attitude by many who oppose immigration.
Some of them are outright white supremacists hoping to use this hot button issue a tool for momentum.
They single out the American Hispanic community and encourage militarized borders, while telling these immigrants with a tone of hate that they should at least “assimilate” more.
Yes! There are many of European ancestry who say these sorts of things and bring up the matter of assimilation.
Since they are against stolen jobs, maybe they should be against stolen land instead of showing such a laughable sense of entitlement.
Exclusive entitlement to the land within our borders arguably expanded by outright genocide and aggression is not only ignorant but hateful and callous, especially when the bigotry and racism comes in to play in this debate.
Even with racism and the issue of jobs out of the mix, it seems like historical amnesia regarding Native Americans, the American-Mexican conflict, and Manifest Destiny.
Basic history should point the anti-immigration movement of clowns in a better direction that is toward our principles of equality.
We have a duty to treat others with dignity as Americans and to value our founding ideas and principles.
Though these families are illegal aliens, we should not witness this and then turn the other cheek. These exploited and impoverished families are human beings – children, fathers and mothers.
These are families who bleed the same blood and have the same pursuit of happiness.
This right to this pursuit should not be exclusive, as our founders instilled in us to value the rule that “all men are created equal.”
That means they should be treated equally, welcomed, and given the chance to be a part of our nation as citizens if they wish to, and once here, they should be given the same dignity and respect that all Americans expect.