Dear Editor,
Aw, yes, the Deep South. Where football clinics aren’t for “Women” and certainly not for Womyn, Wimmen or Wimyn. They’re for “Ladies” – and thank God, wherever She is, that the East Tennessean can’t print in pink script.
Dr. Richard Sander [director of intercollegiate athletics at ETSU], at least, made the necessary adjustments during the interview, referring to the program as a “women’s clinic” and referencing the popularity of clinics targeting “women.” Not “ladies,” mind you, but “women.”  
He’s learning.
I’m chuckling at the subtitle of the ad, as if women would be afraid to ask something about football. Just a bad tone, dudes – unintentionally bad writing at its finest. I have nothing further to say; I’m sure Women’s Studies will give you an earful.
I’m sure I saw something this bad on an old episode of “Coach” with Luther getting in a lot of trouble.
Good luck, bros.
-Bob Dietz