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SPOILER ALERT: The AMC zombie drama hit, “The Walking Dead,” premiered its sixth season Sunday night, confusing, yet exciting fans.

The 90-minute season opener jumps in time from the season finale last March. Rick Grimes is leading the group in a mission to take on a newly discovered quarry of walkers that are barricaded in with a few tractor trailers. In a show that has a reputation of time jumping, new characters in the scene left fans wondering, “how much time has passed?”

In the season five, 90‐minute finale, Rick shows the delusional, disconnected citizens of Alexandria what type of attitude is needed in a world ruled by the undead. Rick is given permission to kill Pete by Alexandria’s current leader, Deanna, after Pete kills Deanna’s husband, Reg, in a violent rage toward Rick. The episode ends with series regular, Daryl, and series newbie, Aaron, returning to camp with Rick’s season one savior, Morgan, finally returning to the show.

However, a new threat lingers outside Alexandria’s walls: the wolves. As a group of aggressive humans, they may prove to be more dangerous than the walkers. Viewers were briefly introduced to the wolves in this episode when Morgan encounters them. The group and the Alexandrians are not aware of the wolves, which left fans hoping that in the season six premiere the Wolves would make themselves more well known.

After the opening scene in the season six premiere, the audience’s questions are slowly answered. The episode mirrors the structure of past seasons with a constant rotation of scenes from the present day and the past. The flashback scenes in this episode, however, are in black and white. This new element to the show confused some fans.

Fans were also confused as to how the massive herd of walkers ended up in the quarry.

The group’s plan to move the walkers away from the Alexandria compound seems to be going well until newer character, Carter, is attacked by a walker. His screams begin to steer the walkers off course, yet a thunderous sound echoes through the forest grabbing the walkers’ and group’s attention. Rick and his people determine that the noise sounds like an alarm coming from Alexandria.

As the episode came to an abrupt close, fans were able to conclude that series favorite and undercover bad-ass, Carol, was left at home with the kids as she was not present at the Great Walker Migration.

So where is the alarm coming from and who set it off? Fans have two theories.

The first: The wolves have been watching them and set off the alarm to sabotage their plans. The second: The wolves are attacking the compound now that the strongest members of the group have left.  So Carol, the kids, and the remaining Alexandrians have set off the alarm as a cry for help.

Although this episode confused many, fans are still excited for what this season holds. Tune into season six, episode two to find out the source and reason for the alarm on Sunday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. on AMC.