Heavy-­metal rock band Tremonti brought their Hard Drive Live Tour to Capone’s Friday night to play songs off their second studio album, “Cauterize.”

Grammy Award­-winning artist Mark Tremonti leads the band in guitar and vocals alongside guitarist Eric “Erock” Friedman, drummer Garrett Whitlock and bassist Tanner Keegan.

Wolfgang Van Halen laid the original bass tracks for the album, but he could not join Tremonti on tour due to prior commitments with his father’s band, Van Halen.

Tremonti is just one of three bands that Mark Tremonti dedicates his guitar, vocal, and songwriting talents to.

Along with his solo band, he is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist to rock band Alter Bridge and multi-­platinum, Grammy Award­-winning rock band Creed.

Since early September, Tremonti has been busy touring the country in cities as large as Chicago and Seattle to as small as Patchogue, New York, and Johnson City, Tennessee.

“We went through Nashville the last couple tours so we thought it would be a good idea to come to someplace new,” Tremonti said.

For Tremonti, performing is always his favorite part of any tour.

“It can be long and it is always tough to be away from family and stuff, but once we get on stage, we’re reminded why we do this,” he said.

The tour is comprised of smaller venues and clubs that create, “a certain energy that you can’t duplicate in a large venue.”

Choosing “Cauterize” as the album title was a lengthy well thought­-out process.

“I just wrote down maybe 300 different album title ideas and I went through all the lyrics and song titles on the album. I wrote them all down and looked at them all and I just thought “Cauterize” just seemed like the most unique name out of all the lyrical ideas,” he said.

Tremonti found inspiration in his life and in the lives of those around him.

“Melody is at the core of the album,” Tremonti said. “‘Cauterize’ is a heavy melodic album.”

To keep his songwriting and guitar skills sharp, Tremonti practices guitar daily.

As for his writing process, he writes whenever he has a spare moment.

“I just find a quiet place and write,” Tremonti said.

Tremonti advises musicians to develop their own songwriting skills.

“Everybody is always going to need a great songwriter,” he said.

At the end of the day, Tremonti is just happy to be doing what he loves.

“A lot of people when they take breaks from their job they do their favorite hobby, well my favorite hobby is my job,” Tremonti said. “I’m thankful to have an outlet to get the songs out there.”