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The Johnson City Community Theater brought the cult classic rock ­musical, “The Rocky Horror Show” to the stage Friday and Saturday night to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“Rocky Horror” is a show that pays a comedic tribute to science fiction and horror b­-roll movies of the 1940s through the early 1970s. This was the first time the JCCT has performed the comedic musical.

The show is usually acted in time with the picture show running on a screen in the background.

However, the JCCT decided to perform the straight musical version instead.

To keep up with the many traditions that take place at the live shows, any audience member that had not seen “Rocky Horror” live before, they were loudly announced as a virgin and kissed on the forehead by a cast member upon entry to the venue.

Audience members then had the opportunity to purchase a prop bag. Inside the prop bag was a party hat, noise makers, a bell, confetti, playing cards, a newspaper, toilet paper, a glow stick, and a guide on when to use certain props.

When main characters Brad and Janet arrive at The Frankenstein Place, audience members break a glow stick to light the way for the characters as well as place a newspaper on top of their own heads to join Brad and Janet as they walk in the rain.

Before the show began, the audience was informed of a 40 year old tradition to shout “asshole” when a character said the name Brad and “slut” when a character said the name Janet.

Audience members were also warned that the cast may interact with them by either speaking to them or touching them throughout the show.

“Rocky Horror” fan and ETSU student Hannah Swayze was excited to finally see the show live.

“I’ve been a fan of ‘Rocky Horror’ for about six years. I’m really excited to see them perform the Time Warp,” Swayze said.

At the end of the show, Swayze was brought onstage by her favorite character, Dr. Frank­-N­-Furter, to sing and dance the Time Warp along with the rest of the cast and a few other audience members.

“I love Dr. Frank-­N-­Furter, but I’ve always wanted to play Janet,” Swayze said. “Rocky Horror” is a show that celebrates those who label themselves as “weird” or “unique.”

“‘Rocky Horror’ is just so out there. Anyone who feels different can identify with this show,” Swayze said. “There is nothing else like it.”

Even the audience members who were not the biggest fan of the show’s bizarre scenes, characters, and songs were smiling and laughing along with the fanatics.

For those who missed the show this year or wish to see it again next year, the JCCT is happy to announce “The Rocky Horror Show” will be back next year on Oct. 28, 29 and 31. Check out the JCCT website,, for more.