Nobody does Halloween quite like the Bucs. A huge Halloween blowout from the hall councils of Centennial, Governors and Davis Halls was held in the Cave inside the Culp Center on Thursday night.

The three residence halls collaborated once again to put on a spectacular student Halloween party together, the Tri­-Hall Halloween Bash. The party is thrown for their residents and anyone else who wished to join in the festivities.

A variety of games were available for guests’ enjoyment at the event, including corn hole, pumpkin bowling, an ice cream eating contest, and a cake walk put together by one of the Hall Council members with a sweet surprise for the lucky winner.

Refreshments of popcorn, punch, and candy were served along with a mountain of Dominos pizza on standby waiting to replace the empty boxes when it came time — a fresh pizza box was needed about every five minutes.

The event also included a live DJ taking requests and playing not only regular pop music, but also seasonal beats like “Time Warp” and “Thriller,” both of which are always big crowd pleasers this time of year.

A section of the Cave was cleared out to create a dance floor, which the party­-goers dressed to the nines in holiday getup gladly took advantage of, with strobe and disco lights completing the atmosphere.

What really made this Halloween Bash exciting, though, was the costume contest, the winner of which was awarded with the privilege of being able to pie President Brian Noland in the face.

“We planned this event out from the beginning of September since the day we were all elected to our positions for Hall Council, and we are extremely satisfied with the way the Bash turned out,” said Zach Hughes, President of Davis Apartments Hall Council.

The outcome of party­-goers looking for a spooky good time was outstanding this year. Over 200 students showed up throughout the night and participated in the ghoulish fun.

That is more than double the attendance of last year’s bash.

“We are happy that we were able to provide a fun atmosphere for the students and staff of ETSU,” Hughes said.

Certainly, everyone did seem to enjoy the event. Whether attendees were doing the “Cha Cha Slide” and “The Cupid Shuffle” or simply sitting by the fireplace and having a conversation.

Devils, bats, skeletons and Disney princesses alike all seemed to be having the time of their lives.

“As an Executive board member, my favorite part of this entire event was how well the hall councils work together to do something special and representing their Halls,” said Jazmyne Richards, Campus Development and Education Coordinator for RHA. “They work hard in making sure everybody had a great time, and I can honestly say I am truly proud of them and hope they continue to move forward.”