In Spring 2016, ETSU students can expect a variety of new and exciting entertainment from Buctainment.

Buctainment is a student organization that strives to increase student involvement on campus, as well as working to erase the stigma that ETSU is a “suitcase campus.” The organization plans free movies, musical acts, comedy acts and recreational activities, such as paintball and bonfires in an effort to keep students on campus on the weekends.

Buctainment’s Vice President Sean Blayney, is excited for what the organization is bringing to campus in 2016.

“Our annual music festival, Bucstock, is coming up in April and we’ve got plenty of other exciting things,” Blayney said. “We’ve got more movies, magicians, and some improv groups. We’re really just trying to branch out to give some nice variety and some really great acts.”

In the past, Buctainment Fun Movie Fridays have consisted of blockbuster hits such as “22 Jump Street,” “Minions,” “Sinister 2,” “Jurassic World” and more. Next semester, Buctainment is hoping to bring this year’s fall and winter movie hits such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2,” Amy Poeler and Tina Fey’s new movie, “Sisters” and the new James Bond movie, “Spectre” along with one or two other movies.

Buctainment is also known for bringing a variety of music acts to campus. Last spring, students and the community enjoyed a concert by Youtube phenomenon Anthem Lights.

As for musical acts in spring 2016, those who attended Bucstock last year may recognize local Americana/folk artist Hunter Grigg. Grigg will be doing a lunch show in the Culp Center Cave in February. Blayney also said that Buctainment is in the process of scheduling a Demon Waffle concert to be in March.

The process of choosing, booking and organizing the activities, movies, musical acts, etc. on campus is a lengthy process. The organization gets together for a retreat each fall and spring where members pitch ideas and vote on what to bring to campus. This requires extensive research and usually takes hours.

The organization also goes to conferences where magicians, musicians, comedians and entertainment companies present entertainment ideas to other university student organizations like Buctainment.

Although being in Buctainment is a lot of work, the members, especially Blayney, find the organization rewarding and life changing.

“It’s [Buctainment] a really great way to give back to campus. For me, I’ve met some of best friends through this organization,” he said. “It’s just really fun to come out and put on a show and to see it go well and to see other people enjoy it. It’s just a really fulfilling feeling.”

Buctainment is always looking for new members. Those who are interested are welcome to come to one of their meetings. Buctainment meetings are held Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. in the Student Lounge in SORC Suite B.