Throughout the fall and spring semesters, many students find themselves so caught up with school and work that there is little time to watch Netflix or Hulu. The students who do find the time often do not enjoy the shows and movies they are watching due to the stress of impending dates and deadlines.

Finally, summer is upon us. Binge-watching will now be a stress free, enjoyable experience. There are many options on popular streaming services, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Here are five of the most binge-worthy shows of the summer.

1. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

  • For the past three summers, Netflix has debuted a new season of its original comedy series, “Orange is the New Black.” Following Piper Chapman and her fellow inmates, we see the life of women behind bars. With comedy, sex and serious issues facing society today, “Orange is the New Black” has something special that can appeal to many. With three seasons available for streaming and a fourth set to premiere on June 17, there are plenty of episodes to keep audiences entertained for hours.

2. House of Cards (Netflix)

  • More serious, House of Cards is a political drama starring Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, the majority whip in the U.S. House of Representatives. With plots steeped in corruption, scandal and dry humor, “House of Cards” is one of the most popular Netflix series to date. While the plot lines rely heavily on the viewer’s knowledge of politics, once you understand the complex characters, it is easy to follow along.

3. Bob’s Burgers (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)

  • Fox’s cartoon comedy show, “Bob’s Burgers,” follows the life of the quirky Belcher family. Together, the family owns a burger restaurant where they have to deal with customers, competition and each other. Less raunchy than “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” “Bob’s Burgers” appeals to a larger audience.

4. The Path (Hulu)

  • “The Path,” a Hulu Original, follows a family as they navigate a cult movement. Led by Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), the series follows the family as they struggle with love, power and faith. This thriller blends elements of romance and the supernatural, which has been a hit with critics and fans alike. “The Path” debuted in March of this year and was recently renewed for a second season.

5. Making a Murderer (Netflix)

  • This ten-part documentary series follows the real life case surrounding Steven Avery and his arrest for the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. Falsely accused of rape beforehand, Avery and his lawyers believe he was set up by the local police and fight to have the case overturned. Fans of crime dramas, such as “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Criminal Minds” will love this real-life documentary series.

Other shows worth mentioning are “Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), “The Fosters” (Netflix) and “One Tree Hill” (Netflix). Student suggestions include “The Office” (Netflix), “The X-Files” (Netflix), “Parks and Recreation” (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) and “90210” (Netflix).

No matter the show, taking time out to enjoy the summer will prove beneficial as we prepare for the upcoming fall semester. Grab the remote, a comfy spot on the couch and have a relaxing summer.