ETSU fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon is suspended through the end of the semester after failing to comply with alcohol and party policies.

“They were suspended based on an alcohol incident and for failing to register what appeared to be a party,” said Michelle Byrd, assistant dean of students.

The suspension is recent.

“They completed a judicial board process this semester – a few weeks ago actually” said Jeff Howard, associate vice president for student engagement.

ETSU has a policy where an off campus event with alcohol has to follow certain protocol, according to Howard.

Byrd said the most common violation a fraternity or sorority makes at ETSU is not registering an event or having alcohol at the event without proper registration.

When a fraternity or sorority is suspended, the organization is not allowed to participate in events on or off campus or host events until the suspension period is over.

Byrd and Howard both said that all eight of the sororities at ETSU are in good standing with the university.