Rusty Sheridan, a professor in the ETSU Department of Media and Communication, has recently been granted a budget of $10,000 from the Research Development Committee to shoot his short film, “Madam I’m Adam.”

“Madam I’m Adam” is a film about a boy who is in line to inherit a cleaning business, “Madam I’m Adam Housecleaning.” The boy grew up in a small town and yearns for more but is limited by his only skill: housecleaning. However, much changes when he must clean the house of an old hoarder.

“The main character Adam is trying to get away from his past, but he keeps re-encountering the same situations and problems,” Sheridan said.

Sheridan plans on shooting his film in North Carolina where he grew up. Most of his film, however, will take place on the road.

Sheridan is looking locally and in the Southeast region with agencies to find actors.

“I’m looking for talent that fits the parts and that has good acting chops,” he said. “It is not necessary for me to identify with the actors personally, as long as they are able to identify with the characters and bring those roles to life in the way I envision them as director.”

Sheridan has displayed a unique touch to his craft by creating a film that remains faithful to the idea of a palindrome.

A palindrome is a word or group of words that reads the same backward as it does forward (for example racecar or Anna).

Regarding the palindrome and the story itself, Sheridan said, “The palindromic title is thematically important with the story and the characters.  The logo for the housecleaning company that Adam owns is a circular chain of text. Recurrence, coming full circle, and cyclical journeys are all important aspects of the film’s plot.”

Sheridan plans on sending the finished adaptation to numerous international film festivals.

“I will definitely have a screening in the Fall at the Push Film Festival in Bristol and a screening on campus in the Fall as well,” Sheridan said.